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Why Choose Us

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The need for a Special or Private Process Server usually arises due to one of several reasons:​​

• You want the security of knowing that the utmost effort will be given to your Service of Legal Process  
• It is expected that the service may be difficult
• There are special circumstances and the Sheriff's Dept. cannot accommodate
• The over-loaded Sheriff's Dept. was unable to serve the papers

If the Sheriff's Dept. has returned the papers as Non-Est, or Non-Served, What are your options?

Send them back to the Sheriff, or hire a Special Process Server?

That's a "No-Brainer"…..keep doing the same thing and get the same results- Right?

A Special or Private Process server is now your best chance to effect service on your case.
So now the question is who will you trust to get your legal process served?

Aronson Process Service, LLC is committed to earning your trust. We are licensed by the City of St. Louis and insured. We are not a shady fly-by-night company, rather we stand by our claims, and our goal of being the Best. We have been in business since 2009, and have seen just about every situation that you could conceive, as it relates to Service of Process. We are working hard to become the Number One name in Private Process Service in the St. Louis, Missouri Region.

Aronson Process Service is diligent in our efforts to get proper service on the individual or entity that service is being attempted. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of legal process service.

We're much more effective than the Sheriff's Department as well. Knocking on the door three times is not good enough.

Each serve is unique and requires to be handled accordingly. We always do our very best to serve your legal papers, regardless of the circumstances.  

As Licensed Special Process Servers, we are not bound by any jurisdictions. When a Special Process Server is assigned by the court, he or she is said to have "Personal Jurisdiction" on the individual or entity for that service. We validate each address we are given and can still effect service in their new municipality when they have moved.

Our Skip Tracing techniques give us the ability to locate and identify litigants who may be ducking service or who may have simply relocated.

Some people keep odd hours and if a service has to be made at 3 am to catch up with them, then that is what we will do. In Missouri, Legal Process can be served any time of day or night - 365 days a year (366 on Leap Years)

We have checked around, and we are not the cheapest Special Process Server Company out there, but we are competetively priced. What sets us apart is the personalized attention we give to each client. We make every effort humanly possible to get your legal process served.

Aronson Process Service, LLC delivers Exceptional Service for you.

Consider Some Of The Benefits Of Working with Aronson Process Service, LLC:
We serve anywhere in St. Louis City, St. Louis County as well as all surrounding areas
Confidence that your papers will be served by a "Licensed Special Process Server
SkipTracing Specialists - Validate an address / Find a current address / Find related personal information                • We serve any time of day or night as needed to effect service on your subject
• We give personalized attention to meet the needs of our individual clients, and yours