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Services and Fees
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We will make up to Three Good Attempts for a Flat Price

As long as the address provided is valid, we will keep working to get your litigant served. Mileage will be charged beyond (3) attempts. We are aggressive and creative in our pursuit when someone is trying to avoid being served and will usually formulate a plan to effect service on that respondent. Sometimes we can work with you or your client to formulate the plan to effect service.

We also work Smart by using the information that you provide or that we discover to find the best time, place and style (ie...knock on their door, wait for them outside their residence, serve them at their place of employment, etc.) to attempt service. In many cases this will save you time & money.

We can run an address search if you do not have a valid address, in most cases we can provide a current address. This may take several searches on databases and other websites, as well as going to their "last-known" and the Post Office. - For Relocate Fees, please see the left side of the page under "Skip Tracing".

Rush Process Service will be given top priority and we will do everything possible to meet your "Must Be Served By" deadline. If it absolutely has to be served in (3) days or less, or for "Same Day" service, it will be considered "Rush Process Service". 

Service to CT Corporation System - $50 Flat Fee!

Status reports are available by telephone or email anytime. You will always be notified after your papers have been served via telephone or email. (For a status report, the telephone will yield the fastest response)

We will send you an "Invoice" with the "Proof of Service" 

once service has been accomplished.

​*If you would like to pay with your Credit Card, we will generate you an E-payment Invoice.Then you may pay by clicking the "Pay Now" button on your PayPal Invoice.
You may also pay by mailing a Check, or Money Order.
All payments are due upon receipt and are expected within two weeks.

"Private individuals" or "Non-Attorneys" will be quoted a flat price to be paid up front via Check, Money Order, or Credit Card. (We will send you an E-Payment Invoice after quoting you a price) 

Our local courts have all gone to an E-Filing System.
We will send your Return of Service via email and mail your Original Return of Service to you upon Special Request.

2020 Process Server Fees:
(Fees are subject to Change without notice)

St. Louis City, St. Louis County, in Missouri  

$60 Flat for up to (3) Attempts 

St. Charles County, in Missouri 

$75 Flat for up to (3) Attempts 

Extreme West St. Charles County in Missouri
(West of O'Fallon) 
$100 Flat for up to (3) Attempts

Jefferson County, in Missouri

$100 Flat for up to (3) Attempts

Southwestern Jefferson County in Missouri
$120 Flat for up to (3) Attempts

Franklin County, Washington County, Lincoln County,
St. Clair County, Warren County, St. Francois County, in Missouri
$130 for up to (3) Attempts​

East St. Louis, Madison County, St. Clair County,

Monroe County, in Illinois 
$100 Flat for up to (3) Attempts 

*Service Areas Beyond Above Listed Areas
Call or Email to discuss

*Records Subpoenas 

$10 less than everything else, and are charged by the        region of the service address

*Additional attempts beyond (3) Attempts 

will be charged Mileage at a rate of $0.54 per mile,
as incurred.

*Additional Addresses Attempted 

$10 - $20 each additional address 
(St. Louis City/County $10, St. Charles County $15,
All other service areas listed above are $20)

*Time and Date Specific Service
  additional $20

*Rush Process Service (Same Day)

  additional $30


$25 per hour, as incurred by special request

*Skip Tracing

Starts at $25 and will be charged by time, database      searches, and mileage as incurred.

*Volume Discounts Available
Please call or email to discuss

In Missouri, most courts require you to submit a 

"Request for Appointment of Special Process Server"
form. ​Here are the links to the St. Louis County, City of       
St. Louis, and St. Charles County forms:

St. Louis County Request Appointment of Special Process Server form

City of St. Louis Request Appointment of Special Process Server form
St. Charles County Request Appointment of Special Process Server form