Aronson Process Service, LLC

Service Details

(314) 498-9514                                                                                            

• Service of Legal Process in St. Louis, Missouri is lawful 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week    

• Summons, are usually served with a petition or complaint attached. ​​
  This constitutes as one service. Additional services to the same address, at the same time        are half price

• This is a flat charge for up to (3) attempts at serving your Legal Process.
   Mileage is only charged on more than (3) attempts.

• All other Service of Process is the same rate by region, with exception to "Records                      Subpoenas". Those will be $10 less than everything else.

• Charges for Service Process are charged by the Location of the Service Address

   (see Services and Fees page)

• We will supply an Affidavit of Service if you do not provide a "Return of Service" page.

  Please include your states requirements of Proof of Service (All information that is required    on an Affidavit of Service in your state). Service in Missouri for a Circuit Court Summons            must be made within thirty days from date of issuance of the Summons. A Summons with a    Hearing date and time must be served at least ten days prior to the appearance date.

  For more information on the civil procedures of Missouri click on this link: