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The Job of Special or Private Process Server in St. Louis is not like going to a 9 to 5 office job. Every day is completely unique. One day you might be working in a very upscale community, the next, in the poverty stricken "North Side" of St. Louis City. Some days every one of your serve attempts are successful and other days each attempt is futile. Most are successful for us. You never know what to expect when you knock on a strangers door to serve them with legal papers. They may be very polite and cooperative, they may slam the door in your face or even curse at you. It can be a very dangerous job. People may threaten you or even physically attack you. One of the most common problems that I encounter is people who will say that I am trespassing and they will have me arrested or some other threat. Of course, it is legal for Process Servers in Missouri to go on the property including fenced and gated areas. They cannot enter the home unless invited, but can look into windows and if they see the target, and believe that the target can hear them, may read the summons aloud and leave it outside the window. That is considered good service in Missouri. Another problem may come up if they do call the police, as many police officers do not know the rules of civil process service, and may side with the homeowner that you are trespassing. When this happens, I always respectfully explain the rules to them and stand my ground, that I have the right to be there in attempting to serve legal papers. If the officer does arrest you, he will be in trouble later. Sometimes defendants won't answer their door and you have to watch for them to come out or come home. You have to remember that when they are being served with Summons, it will change their lives to some degree. At the very least, in most cases, they probably are going to have to hire a lawyer to defend themselves. Serving process also can be as easy as walking into a bank and serving the custodian of records for someone's divorce case.
In many cases the address provided is invalid and we have to relocate the individual. This is termed "Skip Tracing" and can be accomplished by several methods. Most of the time, people have just moved. When people move, they still want to receive mail and will fill out a forwarding form at their local Post Office. A Process Server may request this information and get their forwarding address. If it has been more than a year, then you probably won't get that there. Secondly, there are many companies that sell personal information to Skip Tracing data base companies. A Process Server may purchase a subscription to these data bases and run searches at per search pricing. Today this is the most common practice, as it can be done on any computer or smartphone. In Missouri, Driver’s License information can be purchased with a state clearance. Missouri Process Servers may get a blown up drivers license photo which can be used for identifying and sometimes have a current address. You need to have instinct and intuition to really be a successful Skip Tracer. A good address still has to be validated by going there and checking it out yourself. Also today's social media can be a very useful resource for information about peoples employment, hobbies and other activities where you may be able to locate and serve them. 

A Process Server has to Work Smart. Many Special Process Server Companies offer low rates. They will have a low flat price and say that they will give you three attempts for that price. Unfortunately for you, they will only serve by area and it will be during normal business hours. One well timed attempt is worth a hundred poorly timed attempts. When they have made their three attempts, they are finished regardless of the outcome of their attempts. If your legal papers did not get served, you have to pay them or some one else again for more tries at effecting service. Our company does not work that way. We use all information that we attain from our clients, social media and previous attempts to strategize for the best chances to serve the papers. In some cases, we will call the subject and straight forwardly explain what we have for them and try to set up with them a convenient time and place for them to be served. Many times, if you give them respect, they will reciprocate and cooperate. If at that point, they refuse to cooperate, we will inform them that is in their right, but also let them know, that we plan on serving them. It may be at a less convenient and more embarrassing time for them. This is not a bluff, or a threat, but merely a matter of fact. Sometimes this will make them more inclined to cooperate. It can be humiliating to be served at work or when your friends or family are over for a BBQ. They do not need to know your issues - RIGHT?

The Customer is The Boss. They may be hiring us because they can direct us as to how they want their papers served.

The Sheriff only serves generically to the address provided at a time of their own choosing based on location, and deadline. Regardless of the reason, we always follow the clients instructions...unless asked to do something illegal or unethical, to the very best of our ability. They know what they want and that is why they are paying a little more to have us serve their Legal Process.

We always give our clients the Best Customer Service Possible, and alert them as needed on progress or problems with their service. 

Accuracy Is Very Important !  All Proofs of Service must be accurate. When a job is received, inventory of all papers to be served must be taken, and all must be accurately listed on the Proof of Service. Names and places must be spelled correctly and be legible. Times and dates must be correct and all "i"(s) dotted and "T"(s) crossed. Some courts can be very picky and you do not want any doubt as to whether or not your service was good. The accuracy of my Proof of Service, which is my product, is every bit as important as the service of the papers. If the Proof of Service is not right, then the service is in question as well. The case is now in jeopardy. We always double check our work.

Just saw this video by a Process Server in Arizona. This guy summed up almost exactly what we do, with exception to number of attempts. We do as many as are necessary or keep going until time runs out. Still a great video on

"Due Diligence":