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Aronson Process Service, LLC​​
                                            We will continue to provide ALL services through the Covid-19 Pandemic!

"For all of Your Process Server Needs in Saint Louis City, Saint Louis County, and    Surrounding Areas in Missouri and East Saint Louis, Illinois - Since 2009"

Now Providing VIDEO of Most Serves !

(314) 498-9514                                                                                                 servethemfast@gmail.com

For a
Process Server
in St.Louis
Missouri and Surrounding

Your "Go to Source" for Simple Service of Process to Hard to Serve Legal Papers in Saint Louis City, Saint Louis County, and the surrounding counties in Missouri and East St. Louis, Illinois.
Licensed by the City of St. Louis, Missouri Through the Sheriff's Department and Fully Insured.
Experienced, Diligent, and Extremely Effective. You can be confident that we will make every possible effort to get them served fast with your legal process. 
Please watch this brief video:
​​Most serves (with valid addresses) are accomplished within a week or less of receipt

Standard or Basic Service includes up to (3) good attempts at flat prices based on the area of the service. For extended travel outside the general service area, call or email to discuss.

Service to CT Corporation System - Flat Fee $50 
120 S. Central Ave., Clayton, Missouri 63105 

Need Rush Service?

If you need to have someone served “ASAP”...We can do it!...On "Rush Process Service", we will work with you to meet your "Must Be Served By" deadlines. You tell us your needs and we will do our very best to accommodate them.  

Skip Tracing
Serving Legal Process Today is much more than just handing someone a Summons. With the state of the economy, more and more people are moving in with relatives or friends or relocating in search of opportunity. Some, of course, are trying to lay low to avoid legal issues...perhaps those for which they are being summoned to court. Locating and identifying people is a necessity now more than ever. In most cases we can do this for you. We have access to Mo. State Driver's License Information. We have skip tracing tools and various techniques which we use to verify current addresses, and find new addresses....as well as identify your defendants. We find, and use personal information to aid in the service of your legal process when needed.

You are our Best Asset and we will always do whatever it takes to get the job done in a timely, cost effective and legal manner. We realize there are many Process Servers to choose from in the St. Louis area, but our exceptional customer service stands out from the rest. From the simple serve to the most difficult process service, we can handle it. Simply Put , Aronson Process Service, LLC is Your Best Choice when you need a Process Server in 
St. Louis, Missouri, or the Greater St. Louis Area.

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Any type of case, from any court
For Personal Service, or Records
To Employers, Banks, or other Financial Institutions
Ex Parte
Protection / Restraining Orders
Habias Corpus, Show Cause Orders
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